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Brie de Meaux from Rouzaire


One of the most famous cheeses in the world, Brie the "Roi de Fromages" has been a well established cheese for at least 700 years. Of the many types, Brie de Meaux is arguably the finest, and certainly the best known.

The Worldwide popularity of Brie de Meaux is possibly down to one man. During the Vienna Congress in 1814, arguments broke out as to which country produced the finest cheese. The Frenchman Talleyrand was in no doubt, and so suggested a competition between the national cheeses of several countries, fully confident of the result. Brie de Meaux was universally acclaimed as the winner, and so the unassuming disc became an overnight success.

Ingredients: Unpasteurised MILK, salt, starters, animal rennet.

Not suitable for vegetarians.

£2.29 per 100g